Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good for me/Good for them

It’s spring. Now is the time to do some “personal spring cleaning.” Let’s face it, I need to lose some weight. But I know I do best when I am accountable to somebody. I also do best when faced with a challenge. Two years ago I won the “Biggest Loser” at work because I was in competition with a co-worker.

So I’m asking you to help challenge me and keep me motivated. Make me accountable. Pledge toward my weight loss goal to raise money for the Monte Blanco Water Slide project. I’m borrowing from my FB friend Julie’s description of the Monte Blanco project.

Monte Blanco is a fantastic camp and conference center located in Tambo, Bolivia (South America) and has done some amazing things in the past couple of years. The camp came with a water slide when they purchased the facilities, but it was constructed without the proper supports, and has cracked and is no longer able to be used. They used it as a huge selling point for the camp, and if the ministries are to continue on there, they are in desperate need of a new one. The cost for that project would be a little over $5,000--something which I definitely can't scrounge out of my couch cushions or back pockets.

So I am going to do a weight-loss fundraiser. Yep, you read that right. A weigh-loss one. I am going to get people to sponsor me on a per-pound basis. For the next four months I am going to track my weight-loss, and at the end of the time, all the money earned would be donated to LATCOM for the Monte Blanco Water Slide Project. Best part, since LATCOM is a non-profit organization, all money donated would be tax deductible. Here's how it should work.

Example A: a person could commit to sponsor me at $1/lb. I lose 30 lbs in the next four months. At the end of the time, they donate $30 towards the MBWSP (Monte Blanco Water Slide Project--gets too hefty to write it out each time!). Or I can accept a one time donation in lieu of the per pound one.

Oh yeah, and anyone else who wanted to work on losing weight could join and get their own sponsors too. And all of that money would also go to the project. So, who is with me?! Are you willing to sponsor me on this journey? Want to make a difference in a child's life in Bolivia? Want to jump on board and work on losing weight while making a difference too? Need some extra incentive to get your weight-loss efforts going?

Leave me a comment if:
You are willing to donate a certain amount per pound of weight-loss.
You are wanting to make a one time donation towards the MBWSP.
You want to join on the weight-loss journey.
You are willing to pray for me, anyone else who joins, and the MBWSP.